Billboard Sites

Billboard site are cheaper than custom sites because I start with a template that I have already created. These templates are almost totally customizable. You can change colors, fonts, pictures, names of the various text areas, and more!


Click any of the layouts above to enlarge.


With the billboard sites, you get to select the font for your church name. I have given several choices below, but if you have a favorite, I can use that as well. I can sometimes use church logos or match them very closely. Remember, this is your site! It needs to look just like you want it to!


Below is a list of upgrades. You can still have a great site without any upgrades, but there are times you need to be able to add something extra. If you have any questions about the upgrades, please contact me to let me know.
Traffic Monitor: See how many people visit your page each day, week, month, or year!

Slide Show: Instead of one static image on the page, you can have a slideshow in that location instead. A slide show is great for announcing events or sharing a message.

Additional Text Areas The basic layout comes with two text areas, but you can add additional ones if needed.

Prayer Request Form This allows visitors to your site send you a prayer request by filling out a simple form on your page.

Contact Form: The basic layouts have a place for your email address so that people can contact you, but a contact form is another method for people to contact you. It still arrives in your email, but it offers them a way directly on the page to send a message to you.

Online Sermons: Put your sermons online so that anyone can listen to them. This upgrade places an audio player directly on your webpage so that anyone visiting your site can listen to your latest sermon. More audio options are available. Please contact me for details.

Textured Stripe: You will notice that some of the layouts about have a little bit of texture in the main stripe. Without this upgrade, the stripe will appear smooth. There are several textures to choose from. I will discuss these in further detail when talking to you about your site.

Map: Add a map to your location so that people can quickly see where you are located.

PDF Documents: You can have links to PDF documents on your page as well. You can put sermon notes, release forms, etc. online as a PDF document.